1.1. Copyright

The entire content of this website, including texts, graphics, images, sounds and any other information, is the property of Sportdesing Produtos Esportivos EPP, which holds the copyright on it. The protection of the copyright of said content extends to all reproductions or copies, obtained from this website. No content may be modified, transmitted, reproduced, published, licensed, transferred or sold without the prior written consent of its owner.


1.2. Corrections


The information available on the website may, eventually, contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions related to the description of the products, prices and availability. Respecting consumer rights and its customer relationship policy, ROKN reserves the right to correct any errors and omissions at any time and without prior notice. Consequently, ROKN does not guarantee that the information obtained through this website is, at all times, accurate, complete and even updated.


1.3. Products

ROKN is not obliged to have, in all its sales channels, all the items in its line, so that some products available in the ROKN catalogs may not necessarily be available for purchases.


The customer should always make sure that the product is available for online purchase. ROKN may disclose products on this site, for illustrative purposes only, not making them available for sale.


The prices of products offered by ROKN on this website are expressed in reais and are valid only for purchases in the national territory.


The prices of the products offered on this website do not have a necessary relation and / or equivalence with the prices of identical products, offered in multi-brands.


The images on this website may show color variations, due to the specific resolutions of each equipment and the hues available in this environment. When presenting products, ROKN will always use its best efforts to showcase its original colors. Any differences, therefore, can occur, without this representing a defect or bad information.

1.4. Partners ROKN, when disclosing its partners, does so exclusively for information. In this sense, it does not assume any responsibility for their information and actions and, consequently, for any damages caused by these to users.


1.5. ROKN's responsibility ROKN will go to great lengths to offer safe, practical and comfortable navigation on this website. However, ROKN is not responsible for any damage caused to the user and / or his equipment, resulting from virus attacks and / or invasions, occurred during use, since he is not responsible for the security of the connections.




The ROKN online store is committed to you with regard to data security and privacy. Respect for the customer and the confidentiality of their information are very important to us. So, make sure that your shopping experience at the ROKN online store is completely safe and the data you enter encrypted.


2. 1. Cryptography

All data reported to the ROKN online store during the purchase process is automatically encrypted before being transmitted.


2.2. Credit Card Purchases

Your credit card details are transmitted directly to the operator. It is important to note that the ROKN online store does not store any records of customer card data in its files.


2.3. Certification

The security of the website http://www.rokn.com.br/ is certified by NUVEMSHOP, recognized as one of the greatest authorities in Internet security. This certificate gives you peace of mind so that you can provide your data during the purchase process.


2.4. Identification and Password

With the function of facilitating your next purchase, the registration data of your first visit are stored so that you do not have to enter them again. It is important to note that this data is stored only to facilitate future purchases and is not disclosed, sold or made available to third parties, except in strict compliance with court orders. Personal data may be used to produce statistical information, without identifying the consumer. Credit card data and other payment information are not stored, as previously informed in item 2.2 of this terms of use and security.